亚博下注网:日游泳名将偷情官方处罚未定 日媒:奥运资格将保留


Original title: Japanese swimmers cheating, official punishment undecided. Japanese media: Olympic qualifications will be retained


Yesterday, the Japan Swimming Federation held an online executive board meeting, agreeing that the 26-year-old swimmer Taiya Seto, who was caught in the affair, resigned as captain of the Japanese swimming team. Seto also missed the application for the Japan Short Course Swimming Competition from October 17th to 18th, and was also approved. The Ethics Committee of the Japan Swimming Federation will listen to relevant reports from next week, and then make an official penalty decision. However, the Japanese media confirmed that the Japan Swimming Federation stated that the Tokyo Olympic qualifications that Seto had already obtained will not be cancelled.


In early 2016, Kento Momota, who was very hopeful of competing for the Olympic badminton men's singles gold medal, was exposed to a gambling scandal. The Japan Badminton Association immediately made a tearful decision to disqualify Kento Momota from participating in the Tokyo Olympics. As a sports star and celebrity in Japan, if negative news involving ethics is exposed, they will be subject to great condemnation and punishment. However, a person from the Japan Swimming Federation said that his qualification for the Olympics is "a major right that I have obtained." It is estimated that Oya Seto’s official punishment may be a ban for a certain period of time and prohibition from participating in public events.

2016年初,非常有希望参加​​奥运会羽毛球男子单打金牌争夺战的桃田贤斗(Kento Momota)遭受了赌博丑闻。日本羽毛球协会立即做出了一个含泪的决定,取消了桃田贤斗参加东京奥运会的资格。作为日本的体育明星和名人,如果暴露出与道德相关的负面消息,它们将受到极大的谴责和惩罚。但是,日本游泳联合会的一位人士说,参加奥运会是“我获得的一项重大权利”。据估计,大矢濑户的官方处罚可能是在一定时期内的禁令,并禁止参加公共活动。

At last year's Gwangju Swimming World Championships, Seto also won the men's 200-meter medley and men's 400-meter medley, and qualified for the Olympics ahead of schedule. On January 7 this year, the Japan Swimming Federation held a standing council in Tokyo, announcing that Seto Tai also served as the captain of the Japanese swimming team at the Tokyo Olympics. On the 24th of last month, the scandal that Seto Taiya had a tryst with his lover was exposed by Japanese media. Recently, Japanese media revealed that the target of Seto Taiya's derailment was not only one woman. "Weekly New Wave" broke the news that Taiya Seto has a similar ambiguous relationship with the waitresses in Roppongi and Ginza.

在去年的光州游泳世界锦标赛上,濑户还获得了男子200米混合泳和400米男子混合泳的冠军,并提前获得了奥运会参赛资格。今年1月7日,日本游泳联合会在东京举行了一次常任理事会,宣布濑户泰也曾担任东京奥运会日本游泳队的队长。上个月的24日,日本媒体曝光了濑户大矢与他的情人发生纠缠的丑闻。最近,日本媒体透露,濑户泰雅出轨的目标不仅是一名妇女。 《每周新浪潮》爆料说,濑谷泰矢与六本木和银座的女服务员有着相似的含糊关系。

World Championships men’s 400m medley champion Seto also married Chinese female Ma Yuan Youjia in 2017. After the cheating incident was exposed, the couple jointly wrote an apology letter to the outside world. Ma Yuan Youjia said: Because of Seto Taiya’s behavior, it caused a lot of trouble to everyone who supported me, sponsors, and related people. I am very sorry. In the future, we will often discuss how to restore everyone’s trust in us."


Seto Taiya and Ma Yuan Yujia are a celebrity couple in the Japanese sports world. Before this happened, they had many sponsors in Japan. After the cheating incident was exposed, the sponsors have removed Seto Oya’s commercials in time. The TV commercials that the two played together for Japan’s Ajinomoto were also hidden. In Ajinomoto’s latest commercial, the original introduction This is the Seto couple’s weekly recipe, but it has been urgently changed to introduce Hanyu’s weekly recipe. Seto’s name was deleted from the homepage of his ANA, and the CM video of the company he appeared in cannot be viewed. On September 30, Seto also appeared at the Japan Swimming Federation Office in Tokyo, requesting to resign as the captain of the Japan Swimming Team. The contract between Seto Taiya and sponsor ANA originally expired in March next year, and the two parties have recently terminated the contract early. (Red)

濑户大矢和马媛玉佳是日本体育界的名人夫妇。在此之前,他们在日本有很多赞助商。欺诈事件曝光后,赞助商及时删除了濑户大矢的广告。这两人为日本味之素一起播放的电视广告也被隐藏了。在味之素的最新广告中,最初的介绍是濑户夫妇的每周食谱,但已被迫更改为介绍羽生的每周食谱。濑户的名字已从其ANA的主页上删除,并且无法查看其所在公司的CM视频。 9月30日,濑户也出现在东京的日本游泳联合会办公室,要求辞去日本游泳队队长的职务。濑户大矢与赞助商全日亚博APP安全有保障空之间的合同原定亚博下注网于明年3月到期,两方最近已提前终止了该合同。 (红)



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