【亚博下注网】第二次冲冠之旅开启 张成龙期待重返巅峰


Original title: The second trip to the crown opens Zhang Chenglong looks forward to returning to the top


"Muay Thai" Zhang Chenglong is determined to play in the ONE: Domination of the Age II on October 16th. That night he will face the Japanese star Akimoto Haoki in the headline main event. This is the first time that Zhang Chenglong will return after losing the championship in December last year. ONE's ring is also his second lead in ONE. It is not a small challenge for the "Muay Thai boy" who has not played for ten months.

“泰拳”张成龙决定在10月16日参加“ ONE:II时代的统治”。那天晚上,他将在头条大赛中面对日本明星明本昭树。这是张成龙去年12月输掉冠军后第一次回归。 ONE的戒指也是他在ONE中的第二领先。对于已经玩了十个月的“泰拳男孩”来说,这不是一个小挑战。

Chinese boxers rarely have the opportunity to lead the fight in ONE, especially the men’s boxer. Zhang Chenglong has been with ONE for less than two years and appeared twice in the headline main tournament or the joint main tournament. It can be seen that ONE is playing against this Chinese. The rising star of the boxing superstar has given high hopes, and his strength has been recognized by the competition and boxing fans. However, the last time he played with Wang Junguang was the only time he lost in his ONE competition career. Faced with the "baby-faced killer" Alaverdi Ramazanov who was also a champion challenger, Zhang Chenglong was a little impatient and the game was on. In the critical third round, he had a countdown, his mentality completely collapsed, he began to chase blindly, and finally fell into the opponent's offensive rhythm, challenging the champion and losing.

中国拳击手很少有机会在ONE比赛中领先战斗,尤其是男子拳击手。张成龙已经在ONE效力不到两年,并两次在标题主赛事或联合主赛事中出现两次。可以看出一个人正在与这个中国人对抗。拳击巨星的后起之秀寄予厚望,他的实力已得到比赛和拳击迷的认可。但是,他最后一次与王俊光一起比赛是他唯一一次输掉比赛。面对同时也是冠军挑战者的“长面杀手” Alaverdi Ramazanov,张成龙有点不耐烦,比赛开始了。在关键的第三轮比赛中,他进行了亚博下注网倒计时,心态彻底崩溃,开始亚博下注网盲目追逐,最后陷入对手的进攻节奏,挑战冠军并输了。

After several months of training, Zhang Chenglong came to Thailand for training at the beginning of the year. After returning to China, he followed the team to polish the technical details and adjust his mentality. Now he has already walked out of the shadow of defeat and is ready to meet the challenges of any opponent with a more mature attitude. Social media before the game The dynamic profile reflects Zhang Chenglong’s competitive state. Before the match day, Zhang Chenglong rarely appeared on social media to interact with boxing fans. This time he came to the short video platform for an unprecedented time and updated his isolation dynamics in Singapore every day, from weight reduction recipes. When it comes to the furnishings of the wine room, even if the amount of training cannot be guaranteed at the last moment of the stage, he did not show any anxiety. Both physically and mentally, Zhang Chenglong is ready to meet the challenge.


Zhang Chenglong's first task in this game is to win the game and keep the ranking. Only by staying in the top five rankings can he have the opportunity to continue to challenge the title. However, the Japanese boxer Akimoto he is about to face this time is not good. He has a winning rate of more than 95% in his career. In addition to Muay Thai/kick boxing, Akimoto is also a WFKO karate world champion. After signing for the ONE Championship, he has to evolve. The scholarship for boxing gym training is now the main member of the boxing gym, with a strong team behind it. No matter how you look at it, Qiu Yuan Haogui is one of the strongest opponents Zhang Chenglong has encountered.


Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Zhang Chenglong spent ten months digesting the failure and completing the physical and psychological transformation. Qiu Yuan Haogui was his "touchstone" for returning to the top, defeating a powerful champion with a super winning rate, Zhang Chenglong We will have one more bargaining chip on the journey to the championship again. We will wait and see if we can get this "bargaining chip" and close the round cage.




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