In the third round of the English Football Champions League just past, on the eve of the QPR match against Middlesbrough, the clubs of both sides boycotted the Taking a knee activity with practical actions. Since George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, was pushed down on the street by a white police officer in broad daylight, he was pressed with his knees on his neck for seven minutes. In the process, George Floyd kept begging the police for mercy and shouted that he could not breathe "I can't breathe". The police ignored it. Before long, Floyd became unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, and was later declared dead. After the incident continued to ferment, all major leagues responded to this and started the pre-match "Taking a knee" to express the league’s opposition to racial oppression. attitude.

在刚刚过去的英格兰足球冠军联赛的第三轮比赛中,在QPR对米德尔斯堡的比赛前夕,双方俱乐部都以实际行动抵制了“参加膝盖比赛”。由于现年46岁的非洲裔美国人乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)在光天化日之下被一名白人警察推下街上,他的膝盖被压了七分钟。在此过程中,乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)不断向警方求饶,并大喊他无法呼吸“我无法呼吸”。警察不予理it。不久,弗洛伊德就失去了知觉。他被救护车赶到医院,亚博下注网后来被宣布死亡。事件持续发酵后,所有主要联盟对此做出回应,并开始赛前“屈膝”以表达联盟对种族压迫的反对。态度。

But Taking a knee obviously has exceeded its "shelf-life date", similar to the previous NHS, Sir Charlie's applause and tribute.


The Captain of Middlesbrough, Asumbaronga, who is a striker, recently explained to the media why Middlesbrough Football Club decided to stop taking a knee.


Boro’s position was made after QPR’s football director Les Ferdinand issued a lengthy statement. This document explains why QPR decided to stop Taking a knee at home. Asson said, this gesture is The impact "has been watered down now."

在QPR足球总监莱斯·费迪南德(Les Ferdinand)发表冗亚博APP安全有保障长的声明后,博罗就此发表了自己的立场。本文解释了为什么QPR决定停止在家中屈膝。阿森说,这种姿态是“现在已经淡化了影响”。

"We obviously said no to that behavior in the last game! But as a team, we have talked about this since.


"I don’t want to do this. For the rest of my career, there are probably six or seven years left—I don’t want to kneel down every time.


UEFA also recognizes that individual players and clubs can decide between them whether to bend their knees before the game, but it must agree with their opponents.


The EFL guidelines stipulate that as long as the club wishes to communicate such a decision to opponents and people, such a decision is the club's right. At the beginning of the season, the Premier League stated that it would "continue to maintain the tradition of pre-match'bending the knees'."


The chairman of Taking a knee, Sanjay Bandari, told the media: "We encourage players to continue protests like this, no matter what way...I agree with the QPR chairman's view that we need to focus on actions that create real change. We should discuss solutions instead of presenting them as a formal "symbol".

屈膝主席桑贾伊·班达里(Sanjay Bandari)对媒体说:“无论哪种方式,我们都鼓励球员继续这样的抗议活动……我同意QPR主席的观点,即我们需要集中精力进行真正的变革。我们应该讨论解决方案,而不是将其表示为正式的“符号”。

The energy of knee bend exercise is very powerful, but I think it has been diluted for now. The same applauding for a particular person or thing is very exciting for all of us, and once the time is long, the taste changes. I think the knee bending movement has reached the stage of running its natural course. We must find a more reasonable way to support the international anti-discrimination movement and decide to reject it rationally and objectively.


The cancellation of the Taking A Knee event before the QPR and Middlesbrough game is undoubtedly an obvious signal. More and more clubs and leagues may change this move because of this. It is not that it is bad, but


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